Born 19.06.1919 – Died 3.01.2017

Tim Hart writes…..

Some 20 years ago I spotted a client sitting on the drawing room sofa at Hambleton on a rainy summer day. He was racing through The Times cryptic crossword at a speed that seemed limited only by his writing speed. As a crossword fan who occasionally plods through The Telegraph crossword in a couple of hours, I appreciated that I was watching a rare brain at work! At the time I knew Rolf Noskwith only as Chairman of Charnos. Later I discovered that he had been a member of the Bletchley Park Team responsible for decoding Nazi ciphers. It has been a privilege to look after the great man and his wife Annette over many years at Harts and Hambleton. Thank you Mr. N. for helping to defeat the Nazis and supporting gastronomy in the Midlands.