Rutland is England’s smallest county, but its motto “Multum in Parvo” (“much in little”) perfectly encapsulates the wonder of this place and how much there is to see and do. The area is a scenic one, particularly at local beauty spot Rutland Water. This reservoir — one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe — is beautiful in all seasons, but possesses a special charm in winter. Its quaint walking paths each offer a different view of the tranquil water. After all the rich food and drink of the holidays, Christmas walks in Rutland are just what’s needed.

Hambleton Hall occupies a picturesque spot on Hambleton Peninsula with views over the water. Originally a 19th-century hunting box, it is now a luxury hotel with a Michelin-starred restaurant that draws many visitors.

The post-Christmas period is a wonderful time to visit both Rutland Water and Hambleton Hall.

The run-up to Christmas is usually a frantic time filled with shopping, cooking and other preparations, so you can look forward to a peaceful day at Rutland Water after the festivities have ended. Crisp, clear winter days are perfect for walks and you have plenty of routes to choose from. Hambleton Peninsula itself has a track of around five miles that offers panoramic views which you can easily access from the grounds at Hambleton Hall.

There are trails surrounding Rutland Water that offer everything from short strolls to longer treks, and the gentle countryside suits walkers of all abilities. It is well worth bringing your binoculars with you, as the water is home to an array of different species of birds. The Rutland Water Nature Reserve has two centres at Egleton and Lyndon, where you can find out more and use the bird-watching hides to get a closer look. Traditional English villages with thatched cottages, charming shops and historic buildings such as the Norman church at Normanton dot the banks of Rutland Water.

After walking in Rutland, relaxing over a delicious meal will complete your day — the ideal placement of Hambleton Hall allows you to enjoy lunch after a brisk morning walk. The menus make good use of local produce and Michelin-star chef Aaron Patterson and his dedicated team create seasonal dishes of an exceptional standard.

Hambleton Hall is proud to be one of the top Rutland restaurants taking part in the ‘Lunch For Even Less’ promotional offer. January is well-known for its sales and everyone loves to find a bargain, but there can be none more satisfying than this. In Rutland’s best restaurants, including Hambleton Hall, you can indulge in a delectable lunch prepared by top chefs at a remarkable price.

Whether you want a romantic day out with your partner or are looking for a chance to catch up with family and friends, visiting Rutland post-Christmas will make an enjoyable day. From the scenic walks around Rutland Water to the mouth-watering meal that awaits you when you lunch at Hambleton Hall, every part of your visit will be memorable. No matter how cold the weather outside, the welcome that you will receive from England’s smallest county will always be warm.